10 Questions For Making Decisions A Little Easier

What I learned in the summer of 2016 caused me to want to make a fairly major personal decision. It was really hard, but I’m happy with my choice. Below is the series of coaching questions I used.
They can help you make big decisions like “should I stick with my secure job or take the risk of making a career transition?” or “Should I get divorced?” and they can help create clarity in those minor decisions that seem strangely difficult. (My next two posts will be real answers to the 10 questions regarding the 2 big decisions listed above.)
10 Questions For Making Decisions A Little Easier  
1. How will making this decision make my life better?
2. What if I just don’t decide or postpone making the decision?
3. What specifically, is making this decision difficult?
4. What false beliefs am I hanging onto?
5. What is the ultimate outcome that I want and what will it take to get it?
6. How could it benefit me to include others in this decision making process?
7. If I believed that whatever I chose would be good, what would I choose?
8. What will it take to feel good about making the decision?
9. What is the best timing for deciding and how can I make that happen?
10. What is my next step.
(note: Writing your answers down and talking through your answers with someone who is ‘for’ you or better yet, an unbiased professional makes the process more effective.)             To contact me:   [email protected]