To Change Jobs or Not?

Most people find either/or decisions to be the hardest. That’s why it’s good practice to think of a third choice. While four choices can become confusing, three choices help people feel liberated – not stuck.
PRIOR to using the 10 Questions For Making Decisions A Little Easier, ask yourself, “How could I have both?” If there is absolutely no way to have both, then proceed with caution. By “with caution” I mean, don’t rule out the idea that you might be able to have both…. keep repeating the question frequently (even as you work through the steps) because it helps you open your mind to solutions that may allow something you had not originally seen as possible.

Scenario #2 – Your work is not proving to be as fulfilling as you had hoped. You aren’t totally miserable, but believe everyone should enjoy their work and feel a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment plus have the opportunity for advancement. None of those are true for you, so you are wondering,”should I stick with my secure job or take the risk of making a career transition?”

1. How will making this decision make my life better?

I am looking to grow my career and I feel that I’ve reached a plateau. Plateaus are stagnant. Growing makes my life better.

2. What if I just don’t decide or postpone making the decision?

I am working on a new project, so I will be postponing the search. I would be

settling and being complacent if I pretend to be happy where I am.

3. What specifically, is making this decision difficult?

It’s whether or not I want to spend more time transitioning. I’m also worried whether or not I will actually be motivated to thrive on a new team and new project.

4. What false beliefs am I hanging onto?

  • I’m happy settling and coasting in my current role.
  • I also believe that I have to choose between family and career.
  • If I get a new job, it’ll take time away from my family.
  • If I stay in at my current job, I know how it runs, so I just need to stick with it because at least I know what it requires.

5. What is the ultimate outcome that I want and what will it take to get it?

I want to figure out the best time to make a move. What do I want to do? – to spend time with family and my baby OR join a new team? Joining a new team would take a lot of time. I don’t feel I could have both.

6. How could it benefit me to include others in this decision making process?

If I find my passion again in work, it will make the family finances
easier. Currently, I have no passion, so I’m not motivated to work anymore. Realizing my family benefits from me having passion makes me think I need to figure out how to regain my passion.

7. If I believed that whatever I chose would be good, what would I choose?

If I could be passionate, grow personally and have the career growth opportunities I want where I am, of course, I’d stay where I am. Transitions are hard – even it they are worth it. Hopefully, I’ll find the passion and, in this new project, lead the team to success.

8. What will it take to feel good about making the decision?

I don’t think it’s wise to make another big change right now with my baby
being so little. I will work for 6 months at my current position – so wait and see.

9. What is the best timing for deciding and how can I make that happen?

I will start looking in May for new jobs if I am still unsatisfied.

10. What is my next step?

Give my job my best while I’m there, give my family my best when I’m with them. I will give my job another 5 months and then if my passion is still low, I will start applying for new jobs and see where life takes me. If I my passion doesn’t kick in within a few weeks, I will call Suzette for some coaching.

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