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I Can’t Get a Word In Edgewise!

January 7, 2015 0 Comments
got an email today from a gal and thought our exchange might be helpful for you too. She said, “Hey friend, appreciate some advice. What do you do when you meet with someone who talks a lot? Like so much that you can’t ever get a word in?”
My Reply: That’s a tough one because every situation is different. My advice, as usual, is ‘ask questions’, however, very often we need to start by asking ourselves a few questions. You may have other, more helpful questions for yourself, but here are some ideas….
What do I want out of the relationship?  (Many people are afraid to start here because they think it’s a selfish question. I don’t believe the question is selfish. However, the answer certainly could be…..  By asking the question, our motive is revealed. Sometimes we find our motives pure other times not, therefore I find it a very helpful place to start.)
What makes this relationship important?
What am I willing to risk to see if I can help create an environment for healthier communication?
How could I communicate my desires for our relationship and engage her/him in helping solve the issue? (Some people are super sensitive to their own flaws yet have no desire to change, therefore it is a good idea to ask the previous question first.)
Hope this helps. Keep me posted.
blessings on your day,

Suzette Parker, BCC, CRC

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