Career Direct Assessment

Learning how to align our values, interests, skills, personality and even our untapped potential
gives us the opportunity to excel and do fulfilling work.

The Career Direct on-line Assessment is an
 inside look at YOU that will
Help You Narrow Your Focus so you can
Broaden Your Horizons in fields that will be
fulfilling for you.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  $350 – includes the on-line assessment and a 2-3 hour debriefing of the assessment. If a series of coaching sessions are desired, they can be purchased at a 25% discount up to 6 months after the assessment.

What You Get

  • access to take the assessment
  • a personalized 2 -3 hour debriefing of the results
  • funneling tool to help you make decisions now and in the future
  • access to on-line resources, tailored just for you
  • if coaching is desired – receive 25% discount on an coaching package

The scientifically developed assessment looks at your Personality, Skills & Abilities (current & potential), Interests & Values. The follow-up helps you move confidently in a direction that will best suit you!


  1. Contact me. I will order your code.
  2. You will receive an email directly from CD so you can take the on-line assessment.
  3. You will receive an email from me that has short, simple, but very important, instructions about taking the assessment.
  4. Take the assessment within 2 weeks of receiving the code.
  5. Schedule your download and interpret the results with me. (phone, Skype or in person)
  6. Make decisions with confidence.

Contact me at 425-269-4806 or [email protected]

To learn more about how the assessment was developed and the 1,000’s upon 1000’s of people it has helped please check out

clients say it best!

“I am going through a career change, and I am very happy with the Career Direct program as facilitated by Suzette. She made sure to sit down and explain every part of my report. In fact, after our very first meeting, I came away knowing better what jobs to research. Every part of the process made sense and as a result I have clear direction for my career goals. Additionally, I know how to verbalize my strengths and improve on my weaknesses like I never did before!”  ~ Aaron Woodall, Seattle, WA

Libby is a senior in high school. She knew she wanted to go to college and was career minded, but had so many interests and ideas she had no idea how to choose a major.  After the assessment and a few coaching sessions she said, “Taking the assessment helped me connect the dots. It took the things I knew about myself and connected them in a way that made sense. I was able to see how they fit together making up who I am. Once I was able to see the big picture (of me) I was able to take ideas of what I wanted to do and compare it to the things I’d learned about myself and landed on a major that I am excited about.”