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testimonial_bannerWith just three weeks under our belt we’re already getting great testimonials!

From the Midwest to the South to the North West . . .

Just a few of the Comments & Questions we’ve heard so far: 

( Wondering what groups I’m talking about? The Coaching For Wholly Living Winter Summit 2015 groups:
1 . CATAPULT! – How To Leverage Your Unique Wiring to Land Your Dream Job 
2. PARENT LIKE A PRO!– Successful Strategies For Families to Thrive  
3. BIOHACK! Your Health Naturally)

“It was a great first call!  I’m really looking forward to next week.”  – TX

“That was just my speed. I’m learning a lot… and I thought I knew a lot!” – MT

“That call was fantastic too!” (she signed up for multiple groups) – TX

“Thanks for sharing this. It was a great read” -(per a pdf shared by the group leader) – WA

Great call!!!! Really really really fabulous!!! -TX

“I really enjoyed listening to you as you asked questions to the young mother. You did a great job of making her answer her own questions and take ownership for them. I learned a lot from “watching you in action” that I can apply as I help others. Also, I was able to take my own question and think of it differently and analyze what change I need to make and think through the steps that must happen to reach my own goal. You have a gift with a compassionate yet direct approach. I was impressed with your style.” -TN


Each group has it’s own private Face Book group where particpants can ask questions. We post a recording with answers so they can listen and get their answers at their convenience.

Here are some of the questions rolling in from our BIOHACK Your Health Naturally! group.

“What’s the difference between a neuropath and a functional medicine provider/healthcare practitioner?” 

 “Can you address sweating, the benefits? Why some people sweat during sleep and is that good? Normal? Preferred?”

 “My question is whether or not the maltodextrin in Monk Fruit in the Raw (it’s also in the Stevia I use) is bad. What is Wakely’s take on Monk Fruit in general. I personally LOVE it.”

 “You asked the question “Do you remember your dreams?” What is the correct answer?” 


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Spring Summit groups.

Words Can Hurt But You Are Stronger #2

strong-armI ended my last post by saying, “Understanding the power I have to control which words I allow to affect me has been intriguing, freeing and empowering, both in the spiritual sense and in the physical sense.”  Oh to be free from the power of unkind words!  The great news is that once we deeply desire and long to rise above their power – we can!”

Living in the power of the Spirit means different things to different people.  To many the greatest power the Spirit offers is the expectation of the miraculous. I am not at all discounting this, however, if we fail to aknowleget the power of the Spirit in our daily lives we’ve missed out in a big way!  “Peace I leave with you.”  This is a gift!  A gift to be used and appreciated daily. Speaking of miraculous…. to actually receive that gift – a life of peace – would it not be miraculous for most of us? Sadly most refuse to accept it, choosing to dwell more often on Words That Hurt than on words with healing power. Yes, it takes effort. Nurturing and developing our gifts does take effort. . . I’m thinking about the really cool iPad accessories I got at Christmas that I opened, but have failed to learn how to use (sorry guys.) Funny thing is, they would be useful and appreciated if I put in the effort to learn how to use them.  

So we’ve been given this gift – peace.  Do we make use of it, appreciating what it can do for us? Or do we allow hurtful words that were said once to replay in our minds and hurt us a million times?

In the physical realm, I love the study of the brain.  Dr. Daniel Amen has  has proven that “negative thinking actually shuts down the coordination of our brain.”  Inferring that when we choose to dwell on hurtful words we cannot live out the potential we have.  That is quite sobering! You may have seen Dr. Amen on PBS or read some of his work.  He has all kinds of tips for fighting off hurtful words.  One that is easy to put into practice is “…bring your attention to the things you are grateful for in your life, your brain actually works better.”  This doctor actually looks at people’s brains and has done the research to substantiate this claim. Hmmm… “give thanks in all circumstances” seems like I’ve heard that somewhere before.  And to think… it’s for our own good!

If you have tips that help you fight off hurtful words, please share.  Your journey may help someone.

Desiring Growth?

Some say that the desire for growth is always rooted in dissatisfaction, I beg to differ. I may be odd, but dissatisfaction rarely inspires me. Initially I feel a bit down, negative and stuck, whereas contentment gives me freedom. I realize that I’m not stuck! Unhindered by negativity, I have the clear frame of mind to look at all the options, think out of my box without pressure, and remember to keep my eyes open for new ideas and possibilities   Dissatisfaction blinds me.

growthDesiring growth is a human phenomenon.  Throughout childhood we look forward to the next phase of life marking milestones and marking walls by the quarter inch.  Once our full stature is reached we continue to look ahead still marking milestones with graduations, marriage, children, careers and accomplishing goals – until we stop, or die.

When I believe dissatisfaction is a good foundation for growth I tend to focus on the negative and that leads me in a path I’d rather not travel. Often the first negative thought is not nearly as bleak as the next, nor that one as hopeless as the one that follows – it’s a downward spiral. Worse yet, dissatisfaction wells up in me a need to blame.  Blaming myself doesn’t help me any more than blaming you or even the circumstances.

Desiring growth, movement or change is not a choice – we are human – it is what we do. Cultivating contentment is a choice that God intends for us to make. When we choose to be grateful and live with a real sense of peace, our eyes are unveiled to possibilities that are veiled when we are dissatisfied.  Untainted by negativity we make healthy, wise decisions and fulfill the longing that never dies – growth.

Besides all that, contentment is way more fun!!  Not to mention the fact that we are called to be content.  We know God doesn’t intend for us to stagnate so I’m quite certain he wouldn’t call us to contentment if that is where it led.  Wanna grow?  Try contentment.  I’ve been so very blessed when that is the choice I’ve made.

Career Direct

“You Can Do Anything” is the mantra of many.

While that may be true, life is a lot easier, and usually more fulfilling, for those who are aware of their gifts and areas of latent potential and choose to honor their unique design. Self-esteem is usually bolstered and people generally find more satisfaction in their work if they are able to excel.

Your career should align well with your Personality, Interests, Skills and Values. With the Career Direct assessment and consultation you will see a golden thread that weaves these areas together and highlights vocations or areas of study that will allow your unique design to shine.


Over 170,000 people have benefitted from taking the Career Direct assessment. It is available in 23 languages and has received world-wide recognition.

To check-out this psychometrically developed, statistically verifiable, assessment go to Career Direct. To take the assessment or for more information please contact me or follow the link in the menu above.


This assessment can help young adults (and their parents) be confident that they are heading in the right direction. If they lack direction, it will help them narrow their focus and target areas of interest that would be a good fit for them. 

Transitions and Change

My ‘Aha’ Moment Helped Define Me  

I was thinking about a couple of the things I’ve recently added to my tool kit and trying to figure out what they had in common. It seemed like the Sesame Street song “one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong” but I was wrong! It was in the middle of the night when I had an ‘aha’ moment. Maybe it’s because it was in the middle of the night it was a big ‘aha’ because now in my waking moments it seems fairly obvious. They are all about transitions!

Career Direct is the assessment that I use with people in transition. It’s great for people unhappy with their career choice, women re-entering the work force and people what are ready to find meaning in their work.  It is fantastic for the college bound or those wanting to change their major, as it can save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid agonizing over the decision. Learn More

Then there are the Relationship Workshops.  Most recently I’ve added John Gottman’s Bringing Baby Home and The 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work. It’s material you won’t find anywhere else and even the best prepared parents benefit greatly. When & Where?

IT HIT ME! I have a niche! I LOVE Transition Coaching. After being a niche rebel all these years, I finally feel good about claiming Transition Coaching. I’d love to hear about your transitions. [email protected]