Confidence Will Change Your Life!

How Can You Grow In Confidence?

Confidence is said to be a choice. But what is real confidence?  

51ebd620-1f63-477d-9f79-4398b59b5931FALSE – “To have confidence, simply ‘speak the words”. (as though that is all you have to do). While speaking the words is essential, this concept falls short of promoting truth, if it is not followed by action. 

TRUE – Though most confident people are unaware of how they gained confidence, it is the same process for all, according to Dan Sullivan. He calls it “The 4 C’s Formula: 1. Commitment 2. Courage 3. Capability 4. Confidence”. To have sustainable confidence, he says, the process must constantly repeat. It is a life-giving circle but you must take the leap and jump into the process.

The first step of Sullivan’s formula is making a commitment. As you may know from personal experience, it is often the fear of making a commitment that keeps some from ever starting the process, yet they desperately want the result – confidence! No one wants to live in fear and insecurity. Are they doomed? NO!

The secret is to start where you are, or, bloom where you are planted.

You must choose courage and commit to a little more than you are currently able to do and courageously follow through with that commitment. In doing so, you will grow in your abilities and be capable of new things which will bring confidence. With increased confidence, it is becomes easier and easier to repeat the process. 

When the process is repeated time and time again confidence will crowd out fear and insecurity and your life will be forever changed! You will have new abilities and increased confidence! 

Let me make a distinction here. Being a self-assured or self-confident person is different than being confident about your ability to do something. However, repeating the process and gaining confidence in multiple abilities does help us become more self-assured and our self-confidence grows.

Confidence is not just a choice.You must step out in courage and commit to a little more than you are currently able to do and courageously follow through with that commitment in order to gain a new ability and have increased confidence. 

You can also use this formula when you want to treat someone differently.

Confidence is one antidote to depression. Please consider forwarding this article to a young adult that you care about.