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In this day and age it is not easy to live a toxic free life-style. It takes effort, but there is fast growing community of people on this journey.

We’ve been on the journey for years and have found it to be much easier – practically, and mentally, since we’ve been connected to others on the same path. We do hope you’ll join us!

If You Are Interested In Any Of These Things…

  • Feeling better & having more energy
  • Boosting your family’s immune system
  • Protecting your babies
  • Improving Mood and Focus
  • Supporting All 12 Systems in Your Body (It’s true! And yes, the FDA lets us say that!)

You Are In The Right Place!
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Just like our food choices can be beneficial to our bodies, they can also sabotage our health. Everything we ingest, breathe, slather on our bodies and faces – these products have that same power! Do your research – there is a lot of medical science that backs that claim. The FDA warns against many of the chemicals that are in the products most Americans use daily. An independent website, EWG, is a great place to verify the toxicity level of the things in our homes. Just type in the name of the product and EWG after it.

While we can’t control what we are exposed to outside our homes, we are responsible for what we expose ourselves to, and our children to, inside our homes. Babies, older folks and those with compromised immune systems or those who just seem to be sick a lot, are at an even greater risk of having adverse reactions to the invisible chemicals in our homes.

The Huffington Post reported that because our homes are full of toxic chemicals, stay-at-home mom’s risk of death from cancer is 54% higher than for moms who work outside the home. In addition, they suffer more mood and mental disorders. So sad!

I am proud to represent Young Living because we have the best essential oils on the planet, supporting our health thus reducing our need for medications. Plus, we offer a huge array of products to help make homes toxic-free zones. Our quality standards are unrivaled. Because of that, many medical facilities use and promote our products.

The main reason we have become passionate about Young Living Essential Oils and their home and personal products is because of the drastic improvement we’ve experienced in our health and mental well-being.

Though I had reservations at first, when my high profile doctor’s office (high profile = more than ½ their patients are from out of the area – out of state and overseas) began carrying Young Living product line, my reservations and hesitancy to share, changed to all out passion!

If you want to know more about how mainstream healthcare professionals are using and promoting our products, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

To get started on a new, fun and healthy journey, please check out my site.

1. There are eight Premium Starter Kits to choose from – they are a fantastic deal! Purchasing a kit does NOT rope you into any more purchases but does give you a 24% discount for a whole year. If you want to continue the discount into the next year – you just need to make a $50 purchase of whatever you want before the year ends. There is never a membership fee.

2. To save the most, join our monthly program called Essential Rewards. You simply place an order of whatever you want, with a monthly minimum purchase of $50. We have so many products. This isn’t hard -especially if you plan to ditch and switch to smarter products. Plus, after the fourth month you’ll be earning an additional 20% off. (That’s 44% savings)

To get started, please use this link:  Suzette’s Young Living Link

      • In case the link doesn’t work, go to youngliving.com and, in both spots, enroller/sponsor, use this number: 12055676.
      • If you were referred to this page by someone on my team please change the sponsor/enroller number to their number.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I’ll be happy to assist you!

Have Concerns?

    • Worried about the cost? Rest assured, it’s worth every penny! You will likely save money on your overall budget. We certainly have! In addition, you’ll have access to very easy DIY recipes to make the transition even more cost effective.
    • Have Pets? Our founder, Gary Young is an animal and farming enthusiast! He has done extensive research and even created a whole line of products to support your pet’s health. There are some precautions you will want to take, but both you and your pets can benefit greatly from the use of essential oils and Young Living products.
    • Heard bad things about network marketing? First of all pyramid schemes are illegal – they are scams! Young Living is network marketing company and has been around for 25 years because our products are unmatched!! 92% of Young Living members use our products but are not business builders. We are a product driven company. Because we do not incur the costs associated with brick and mortar stores, insure the sales force etc., the business builder’s compensation plan is excellent.