Habit, Motivation, and Growth

Growing can be painful!

I am listening to a book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and he reminds us that we often don’t change habits until we are pained. The pain, or the problem, is our motivating factor. I don’t like that idea. I know it can be true, but I prefer to think that pure self- discipline and the desire to grow will motivate me to change my habits!

Regardless of what motivates us, he says that our brains form patterns and when we want to adjust those patterns, or change our habits, it isn’t as difficult as we often build it up to be. He says simply adjusting one thing can help us stick with a new habit we want to adopt. i.e.. If you want to exercise every morning, putting your workout clothes on, including your shoes, before doing anything else can break you out of a cycle that leads you to be sedentary in the morning. 

The book is great! He shares amazing stories and gives good instruction, but I had to laugh about the example above! I have been doing that for years and I’m embarrassed to think about how often it’s time for dinner and I’m still in my work out clothes! The luxury (or downfall) of working from home! I obviously need to break my pattern!