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Gottman Workshops

With 40 years of research, observation, and work with thousands of couples, John Gottman has gained world-wide recognition. He is recognized as the leading relationship researcher. His facts, strategies, and tools are shared in most best-selling marriage books and workshops.

Having published many best-selling books himself, including The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work, he designed a workshop to help couples implement the principles – giving them time and space to practice using the strategies and tools.

Bringing Baby Home is a workshop based on the Seven Principles with added dimensions regarding co-parenting, the parent child relationship etc…

His work is based on data, not opinion, making Gottman’s workshops far more effective than most! As a Gottman Trained Educators and workshop leaders, we enjoy making his materials come alive and enjoy witnessing the miraculous changes in the lives of many!

Intersting Facts:

  • Psychotherapy Networker named him on one of the Top 10 Most Influential Therapists in the last 25 years.
  • Gottman can predict divorce with 91% accuracy
  • Neither the frequency nor the decibel level of your fighting determine the longevity of your relationship.
  • 67% of couples report drastic reduction in relational satisfaction after the birth of their first child.
  • A babies brain waves mimic those of their depressed parent. (the Bringing Baby Home workshop has proven to help mother’s escape the baby blues and post-partum depression.

Bringing Baby Home is based on the The Seven Principles of Making Marriage work and is FREE for Microsoft and Expedia Employees – your benefits cover these workshops!

Our workshops are offered both ONLINE and in person in Kirkland, WA. To find out more go to:

Bringing Baby Home   or    The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work