Kelsey’s Journey to Extraordinary

Occasionally I hear from a gal I coached many years ago. She was my very first client – we started way back in 2007. (In case you are wondering about client privacy, she has been very public, sharing her journey on social media, and is thrilled for me to promote her!)

Kelsey Keogh is a delightful person. Her charm and enthusiasm for life shine when she’s doing what she loves and she gushes with excitement when she is telling you of her latest project or gig. She is one of many amazing people I’ve been privileged to walk alongside.

When I think about the AMAZING people I have coached over the years, I am a bit overwhelmed and certainly honored to have been a part of their journey. It could be that I’ve been blessed with clients that are particularly awesome. Or it could be that I’ve had the privilege of working with ORDINARY people who have made great, maybe, extra-ordinary choices. Choices that led them to wholly living. Choices that were in alignment with who they were created to be; choices that honored their unique personality, skills, abilities, potential, as well as their life and work values.

You see, we’re all just ordinary people. We do ordinary things – eat, sleep, work, raise kids, play a little and some adventurous souls travel or even do extreme sports. But few think they have the potential or resources to do, on a daily basis, the thing they’d REALLY love because they don’t think it’s possible to do that thing that would utilize their uniqueness and be great fun! Kelsey is one example of how stepping out in faith to pursue whole-heartedly what she loved took courage, hard-work, persistence and resilience but has paid off in huge dividends. She chose to have a growth mind-set and it allowed her to blossom.

She was just a junior in high school when we began working together. I was still in the process of becoming certified as a Life Coach but they were willing to let me practice my new skills in exchange for piano lessons for our youngest son.

Kelsey was a responsible young lady and wanted to make wise choices for her future. She loved playing the piano but pursuing music as a career did not seem wise to her. She was good, but lot’s of kids are good. No one considered her a prodigy, so we went through the coaching process and she talked about several other ideas she thought seemed interesting.

She knew it seemed most reasonable to pursue a business degree but she was not excited about it.

Her exuberance when she talked about playing music was undeniable. Her biggest fears were that making her beloved passion into a job might take the joy out of playing – not to mention – how would she ever make money?! Knowing she was not the type who would only be satisfied if she had fame and glory made my job a lot easier.

Kelsey Keogh is an ordinary, young woman who is doing extraordinary things in her twenties! Check out her website – especially the events page and make a date to have dinner at the Space Needle or the Benaroya Hall to see her perform.

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