Suzette’s Life Purpose Statement

My Purpose: 

To be light in the world by modeling a life that is full of; love in action, peace that is evident, and joy that transcends circumstances.

To encourage and empower everyone I can -starting at home.

My Task Is To Spread This Message:

We have the God given ability and power to choose our thoughts despite what has happened to us, what we’ve been or what we’ve done.

Medical and scientific studies prove that our thoughts and beliefs are formed in our brains prior to emotions and feelings and it is the thoughts that we choose that determine how we feel.

Our energy for life is determined by how feel.

Therefore it is extremely important to choose our thoughts wisely because our thoughts and beliefs are the root from which our life is lived and they determine how we pursue everything – relationships, work, opportunities, hobbies, parenting, down time – everything!

By using our God given ability to change our thinking, we change our lives!

 It is the action we must take if we want transformation.


To affect as many lives as possible through writing, coaching, speaking and social media.


To see people’s lives changed by sharing the good news!


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