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Quotes & Such


When you are at the bottom things look huge & overwhelming, but when you are on top,things everything seems small!

What’s Filling You Up?

Feeling Empty?-2

look up!


We discussed this today in the BIOHACK Your Heath Naturally Group! Good stuff!


It's up to you to make your life


Enjoy the ride

Opportunities arise when we know our


Tu me manques




Self confidence

Marriage isn't perfect


PLEASE & THANK YOU are stillMagic Words!

How would you feel if you looked at your

counting blessings


When we adopt a new mindset, we

God's perspective

Let’s break the boundaries of social and economic classes!coffin



You ARE - so shine brightly!!

You ARE – so shine brightly!!


The climb is a lot more fun when we reach out and bring others along with us!

The climb is a lot more fun when we reach out and bring others along with us!

Fame and Honor.  Can you have both?1

Kind Words

Most people are about as happy as they


Lemmony Snicket

I’m gonna be brave and disagree with ole Max. . . of course, I’m quite certain Max believes this too! (it’s probably a quote taken out of context) but I believe God “can” do anything! He just won’t because he’s gentle and kind and waits for us to invite Him to fill us up with all His goodness, wisdom, kindness, mercy etc. etc. etc…..

lemonade pitcher God can't....

Show Respect


from Inspirational Quotes FB Page

-But Love is -Shauna N


Make today better than yesterday! Garett took an old Puma Bike with a FREE sign on it and restored it. Pretty huh?

Your life is yours-and it’s FREE! Put the effort in and make it beautiful!




A smile on your face, a twinkle in your



What is your love “doing” today?




 Eventually, it will be alright. Remembering this, and choosing this mindset helps us persevere through dark times.

It's going to be alright!



 When we focus on someone’s strength’s our perspective changes and we gain respect for them.

Magnify Strengths

It’s what I LOVE to do!

Empowering You


Christopher Wakely is going to be the best Naturopathic Physician! Join his Coaching Group today!

Christopher Wakely color headshot

Coaching Groups are fun & affordable way to gain knowledge, get coaching and receive support for what you’re wanting to do.

Sm Coaching Groups


It’s Time. Let’s do it!