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Testimonies Regarding GROUPS  

“That was just my speed. I’m learning a lot… and I thought I knew a lot!!!” – MT

Great call!!!! Really really really fabulous!!! -TX

Parenting Group:  “I really enjoyed listening to you as you asked questions to the young mother. You did a great job of making her answer her own questions and take ownership for them. I learned a lot from “watching you in action” that I can apply as I help others. Also, I was able to take my own question and think of it differently and analyze what change I need to make and think through the steps that must happen to reach my own goal. You have a gift with a compassionate yet direct approach. I was impressed with your style.” -TN


Relationship Coaching Testimonies:

Spring 2016  “Have your ears been burning? We’ve been telling everybody about you!” Kirkland, WA

“Suzette, I don’t know what you did or said, but I want to thank you for reviving our sex life after way too many years! It has been quite miraculous.  no awkwardness or discomfort. picked up right where we left off. Thank you so much!” – Kirkland, WA

After a couple of months of coaching Tina said, “It hasn’t been easy, but I’m not heartbroken and I don’t feel that awful sense of rejection anymore.  We are addressing every part, spiritual, emotional and physical. He’s owning his part and I actually believe him. We’ve had some very painful weeks, but not without it’s reward.”   Tim immediately said, “I echo that. I want this marriage more than anything else in life but it’s caused more pain than anything. I want nothing more than to give. I’ve felt convicted of my own part in this and I realize it takes action and it takes time.  Maybe most importantly, it takes consistency on my part. That’s what I want to be about.”  Tina continued, “God is forcing me, or maybe just asking me, to grow up. My happiness cannot rely on Tim. I guess what I’ve realized is that my happiness DOESN’T rely on Tim. It was just easier to think that because then I didn’t have to take responsibility for it!”
— Tim and Tina

Life Coaching Testimonies:

Spring 2016: “If it weren’t for coaching I wouldn’t be where I am – I know that for a fact. My life is totally different than it was a year and a half ago. Thank you.”

“I am so excited!!!! It’s official. I am the feature writer for Vinylradio, an online radio station of the 60’s & 70’s that is based here in Seattle. I remember when I was the reality coaching client for Coffee With The Coaches a couple of years back, I was asked what it is that I wanted (in respect to music of course) and I “laughingly” responsed with, “front row seats to every great concert with a meet and greet after.” I was “partly” kidding. But was alittle shaken up by the question of “how are you gonna get that?” Today, as I was on the phone with the program director/owner of the station, I was told to make a list of all the shows and concerts I would like to attend over the next several months so that preparations could be made to get me in to as many shows as I wanted to attend. I was not prepared for that! I will be reviewing these shows and featuring them not only on the radio site but my blog, Spin that 45. Thank you Suzette and Laurie for your direction and guidance! Maybe I need to make sure to take you along with me sometime!”
— Loretta Baca Nuñez Sassaman

“When I began working with Suzette, I was wrestling with the direction of my career and how to balance my work and family lives. Suzette helped me process the pros and cons of a new opportunity that was offered to me, and after I decided to accept, she helped me work through some of the adjustments that needed to be made in my family life. Suzette’s manner was patient and nonjudgmental, and she was an excellent brainstorming partner. Those traits helped me to see my situation from different perspectives and allowed me to ultimately make choices with confidence.”
— Melissa Kennedy, MD  ~ Albuquerque, NM

“Working with Suzette has really helped me to focus on my goals and not to be overwhelmed by them.  After each session I’ve had some small steps to take, and now looking back I can see how far I’ve come!  I am encouraged and inspired!”

— Nancy ~ Woodinville, WA

“I was just considering starting my own business when I hired Suzette.  She helped me think through everything so I could make the right decision.  I was able to see things in an organized and unemotional way, and went forward with my plans with confidence!!!”
— Carla ~ Bellevue, WA

“Coaching has been awesome for me! Now I am more confident and comfortable with myself, and have become more able to strike up conversations with other people. I feel like I understand more of who I am as a person and in Christ, and I’m  excited to help others do the same!”
— Kelsey ~ Bellevue, WA

“As an executive/business coach, I participate in a peer-coaching program that runs quarter to quarter, and as we approach the end of the first quarter, 2010, I had the opportunity to review with my coach, Suzette Parker, the progress we’ve made this past quarter.  I was surprised at how much clarity was gained, how many step-by-step plans were laid out and how many actions were taken toward completing those plans in such a short period.  As we celebrated the realized goals and progress toward other objectives, it occurred to me that this was a powerful exercise in keeping my self-image up to date.”
–Teri Johnson, CPC, Business and Executive Coach
My Personal Best, Redmond, WA

“My mom will convince you that you can do more than you know is humanly possible. Funny thing is, before long you’ll be doing it. She’s been telling me for years that I could sing higher even when physically impossible, play more difficult stuff and write amazing music. She’s super honest so she won’t kid you into anything (except for singing higher), but if she thinks you’ve got potential, you better be ready for success!”
— Caleb Parker ~ Woodinville, WA

pursuing your potential, passion and peace
~ in life and relationships


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