Update: John Gottman Workshops

 The Gottman Institute workshops are known and respected world wide. As a Gottman Trained Educator and Microsoft approved Gottman Presenter, I have the privilege of offering these workshops to Microsoft employees for FREE!

People have asked if there are any available “FREE tickets” for non Microsoft employees so I decided to give one set of tickets away per workshop. Email me at [email protected] and state why you want to attend and why you believe you and yours should be chosen.  IMPORTANT: The subject line should say either 7 Principles Application or BBH Application.   FYI – I do not personally choose the recipient. 

For more in depth information about the workshops go to Workshops & Assessments and click not the tab you are interested in.

  •  The 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work  
    – an 8 hour workshop based on 40 years of research and more than 3000 couples observed. You’ll find out “How are the masters of relationships different from the disasters of relationship,” and learn how to adopt the master’s strategies.
  • Bringing Baby Home an 8 hour workshop on how children affect relationships and how to thrive as a couple despite the new demands of life. You will also learn what you can do to begin establishing a healthy relationship with your baby who will soon be a teenager!!

Follow the link in the menu above or Contact Me at [email protected] or 425-269-4806 to learn more about these workshops.

Gottman’s work is fascinating because of the science behind his books and seminars.

With decades of research, and the study of thousands of couples in his “Love Lab”, he can predict, within 15 minutes, whether a marriage will with fail or succeed with 91% accuracy!
His findings debunk widely held myths and expose which common tools used in therapy are useless in helping relationships. But, he offers great hope by sharing principles that are proven to make a marriage work well, whether newly in love, or together for decades.
The next post will be about an article by Kim Kompel. To find out more about Kim click here.