Where Is Your Energy Going?

My habit of too much contemplation was weakening me. Wondering, thinking and reflecting are all a part of contemplation. We absolutely need time for it! However, anything overdone can be detrimental. This habit of overthinking was delaying me taking action.

The antidote for me came in the form of a proverb. It says, “a discerning heart acquires knowledge, the ears of the wise seek it out”. When I focussed the energy I was using contemplating, toward learning, it helped me feel ready to move into action.

My natural tendency used to be that I was a good initiator but could quickly lose interest. When I realized this about myself, I went to the other extreme – too much contemplation. By putting the wisdom of the proverb into practice, I’ve shifted my natural tendency to work for me instead of against me. I’ve found that it is far better to jump into learning about the things I may want to do, before jumping into a commitment. Though it is one more step to take, prior to action, the learning actually helps my contemplation phase move quicker because it often provides answers to things I would otherwise be ruminating on.

We need to spend enough time contemplating, meditating on and praying over big decisions, but taking the time to learn is equally important.

While I’m not always a big fan of personality assessments, things like the Career Direct Assessment and the Symbis Assessment for couples are great tools for learning so that the commitment or direction you decide to take is on more solid ground.

What habits are weakening you?

How would learning or gaining knowledge help?

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