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As a Board Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach, I am privileged to coach clients all over the world. Coaching by phone, conference call or Skype keeps sessions focussed and allows coaching to go on, uninterrupted, even when clients are traveling.

When people are motivated for change coaching acts as a catalyst. Though “narrow your niche” is a big marketing strategy – I am a rebel! I thrive on helping people clarify what they want, why they want it, cast a big picture vision, then make a step by step plan for achievement.

From a doctor changing carreer paths, to helping staff members devise better communication strategies, to young adults unsure of their goals, to moms wanting to get back into the work force, to helping recovering addicts find purpose, to walking through the opening of a business, to couples on the verge of divorce ( the list goes on).

Some of my favorite experiences as a coach have been walking alongside:

*people in absolutely terrible marriages and seeing them transform into loving, passionate relationships

*entrepreneurs as they first dreamed about, then formulated a plan and finally launched new businesses that in due time prospered!

*folks, young and old, as they explore and chose with confidence new career paths

*co-workers, volunteers and families who had a desire to reconcile their differences come to a place of unity

*clients pursue their potential or find their passion

*people find peace despite their daunting circumstances

Testimonies say it best, but please feel free to call with questions.  Click here for Marriage Coaching Testimonies. Click here for Life Coaching Testimonies

My goal is to help you reach your goals – not to make you a life long client!

One way I ‘give back’ is by donating a limited number of hours each week to qualified recipients. Because of the success I’ve had with non-paying clients, and the interest the community has with helping equip the less fortunate, I accept funds to be used on their behalf through a 501C3. It’s a lot like teaching people to fish rather than continually feeding them.

On a personal note, I was on the board of The Discovery House Transitional Housing Program-transformational program for homeless single mothers and young children, “offering a path of discovery from dependency and despair to hopeful self-sufficiency.”

My husband and I married in 1986. We’ve navigated our fair share of rough waters over the years, but have made it through and we are stronger now than ever. To read about the tumultuous parts of our story. See Dave & Suzette’s Story.

Despite our rough times, we managed to raise two fine young men who are passionate about life and relationships. It is so much fun to see how they are pursuing their dreams and a blessing to see them rewarded for their hard work and discipline. 

Just a little silly!

Just a little silly!