As a kid, my biggest dream was to be a great mom! I wanted to create a home where everyone felt valued and was encouraged to pursue the ideas and endeavors they enjoyed. I knew that being a great mom would take work, but had no idea that having a great marriage would take more work!! That discovery was such a bummer!

I felt like I’d married a stranger. I was disappointed, angry and downright miserable.  It’s really hard to be a great mom when you’re miserable! My dream felt like it was slipping away, but it didn’t.

We got help and learned how to create a solid relationship. Together, we enjoyed teaching our kids to work hard, play hard, take risks and be adventuresome! 

To this day, my husband and I enjoy each other’s company. It’s a good thing, because our kids are grown now. They are doing well and also have great relationships. We are so blessed that they love doing things together – with each other and with us! We couldn’t ask for anything better.

I absolutely love helping young couples reclaim their dreams of creating happy, thriving families.  (see qualifications below)  If you need help. . .

The best place to start is in one of my FREE groups, either on Facebook or here. 

If your goal is to eventually have what we have, it would be my honor to help you. Don’t wait. Your family is worth it!

We need a new picture as we have a lovely daughter-in-law now! 

Just a little silly!
Just a little silly!

Certifications include: Board Certified Life & Relationship Coach, SYMBIS, Gottman Trained Educator: Bringing Baby Home & The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work seminars, Master Trainer: Oxygen For Your Relationships.

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